Floating ball valve vs trunnion

A comparison between trunnion mounted ball design and floating ball valves. Ball valve could be divided into two types according to the ball working principles , floating ball valve and trunnion mounted ball valve. Floating ball valve small volume, light weight, simple structure,.

You would be able to choose which to use for your real condition after knowing below . However, when it comes to tightness, floating ball valves are mor reliable than trunnion ball valves.

The reason is that in floating ball valves , unlike in trunnion ball valves , the system pressure forces the entire ball against the downstream seat, see fig. In trunnion ball valves the pressure usually force the upstream seat . There are facts about the difference between floating and trunnion ball for DBB Valves. To choice the correct design you have to consider some things. Ball valve is one of our main product and can be used as isolation valve, shut off valve.

The design, construction, and function of a ball valve is generally well understood in the industrial fluid processing arena. Ball valves provide reliable quarter turn operation, compact form factor, and tight shutoff capability, making the ball valve a preferred choice for many applications.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers and clients who have supported us throughout the. Every CAMERON Tball valve is trunnion mounted. Floating Ball Valve – A floating ball valve is not held in place by a trunnion , . Ball Valves are a type of piping equipment that shuts off or controls the flow in a pipeline by using a hollow sphere and round seats held in a valve body. There are two basic technologies for the design of ball valves , floating ball design and trunnion mounted ball design. The major components of a ball . It is quite common in a floating – ball valve to drill the ball so that there is a hole between the bore and the upstream port when the valve is closed.

In a trunnion valve if the cavity pressure gets much . Simpler and cleaner is the design of the valve and better the valve will work under severe conditions. Side entry ball valves are valves where the ball is assembled from the side part. The body construction comes in 2. Krombach Metal Seated Ball Valves.

The trunnion ball valve is a form of quarter- turn valve which uses a hollow,. Passa a Trunnion – A floating ball valve is one where the ball is not held in place by a trunnion. In normal operation, this will cause the ball to float downstream slightly.

This causes the seating mechanism to compress under the ball pressing against it. Furthermore, in some types, in the event of some force causing the . For the torque value required to turn a floating ball valve through its 90° travel, consider torque requirements at these five basic positions: BTO – break open torque: the torque required to unseat the closed valve. RTO – opening torque: the torque needed to move the valve to the fully open position.